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Eco Warrior I Yoga Shorts
Eco Warrior I Yoga Shorts

Eco Warrior I Yoga Shorts

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Easy to wear and wash a staple of your activewear wardrobe.

The essential all-rounder pair of shorts the Warrior I shorts are designed for all types of workout. Wear it to yoga or pilates wear it when weight or free lifting: these shorts adapt easily to all types of workouts.

The cut incorporates an inside leg panel that goes from the crotch all the way down the hem. You will find great mobility while your shorts stay in place thanks to the excellent stretchy material the strong seams and the reinforced gusset panel at the crotch. A little longer than your average shorts the Warrior I cover you to just above the knee.

Basic and comfortable we chose this eco polyester fabric for its lightness excellent sweat-wicking fast-drying wrinkle-resistant properties. 

Made of a certified bluesign&amp,reg, material. This environmental certification is given to fabrics whose efficient manufacturing minimizes the negative impact on people and the planet contributing to the conservation of resources. In an effort to improve sustainability the production process is mindful of air emissions as well as water chemical and energy usages.

Eco-aware consumers can be confident that when they buy bluesign&amp,reg, clothing they are getting an environmentally friendly and socially conscious product. 


90% Eco-Polyester 10% Elastane


Quick drying Sweat wicking material.


Two layers for convenience stop dragging two pairs of underwear around. 


Made to be thrown your bag after practice.


Designed for hot dynamic practices.



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