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Tune Up Fitness - Çift halkalı yoga kemeri
Tune Up Fitness - Çift halkalı yoga kemeri
Tune Up Fitness - Çift halkalı yoga kemeri

Tune Up Fitness - Çift halkalı yoga kemeri

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Tune Up Fitness, çift halkalı yoga kemeri Türkiye'de sadece Yogazero.com'da aynı gün kargo avantajıyla kapında. 


* Yüksek dayanıklılığa sahip özel bir malzeme ile üretilmiştir.

* Bedeninle birlikte esner ve rahat bir tutuş sağlar

* Ellerinizi ve ayaklarınızı incitmez

* Yoga pozlarında derinleştirir ve hizalar

* 152 cm uzunluğunda, 3,8cm genişliğinde. 





This unique 5 ft. stretching strap with loops provides support for both static and dynamic stretches to help improve flexibility and go deeper into your stretch. Please note that the material of this strap does not "stretch" it is a strap used for stretching. 


If you are looking to increase your range of motion while practicing various stretches and poses, a yoga strap is the tool for you. Stretching with a physical therapy strap is a great way to safely and securely work on your flexibility. It allows you to reach parts of your body that you might not be able to with your hands, as well as target specific areas such as your hamstrings and calves. Using a stretching strap with loops helps to protect you from overstretching and potentially injuring yourself, while also ensuring you get a deep, high-quality stretch. A yoga strap from Tune Up Fitness can be used in a wide variety of different ways to achieve an ideal level of support, alignment, and balance. From shoulder opening stretches to reclining leg stretches, start to increase your flexibility and target those hard to reach areas with a physical therapy stretching strap with loops.


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